Types Of Npower Batch C2 Applicants That Will Not Be Deployed

Types Of Npower Batch C2 Applicants That Will Not Be Deployed

In today’s latest Npower news, we will be talking about the Types Of Npower Batch C Stream 2 Applicants That Will Not Be Posted/deployed to a place of primary assignment. So read on!

We have seen a lot of you asking questions in regards to your Npower Nasims dashboard status so we decided to create this post to share more light regarding your questions.

Npower has commenced the posting process and it is been done manually by the state focal person. However, there are some applicants who may not be posted. Such applicants are as follows:

Npower Batch C stream 2 applicants with the following status may not be posted:

1) Applicant whose status shows applicants, shortlisted or pending.

2) If your status shows preselected, you might not be posted because you did not complete your physical verification exercise except for states who are yet to do physical verification

Npower batch C stream 2 Applicants that will be deployed are applicants whose profile shows « beneficiary ». This type of applicant will see a pass on the verification page because they have successfully completed their physical verification exercise.

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Note that this update is for the Npower graduate category. If you are a non-graduate Npower applicant like N-Tech, N-Build, or N-creative, your status does not matter at this moment because your physical verification will be done in the training camp which has not been stated yet. So as such, your status may remain as shortlisted.

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